Riding brevets during the pandemic

Things will be different at least for a time as we adapt to this “new normal”. The goal is to do everything electronically in order to avoid passing paper/pens/clipboards back and forth with the resultant risk of infection.

Before the ride

The most important thing before the ride is this: if you feel unwell, don’t come! You are putting your own health and the health of your riding partners at risk with your participation. Also, you are riding by your own choice – if you’re uncomfortable with any of the guidelines here or with any situation you might encounter during the ride – either don’t ride or turn around and ride back to the start!
With that said, here is the process:


  • Rides are advance registration only. This is no change, we’d have done that anyway.
  • Upon registering, you will receive an email that will have two things in it:
    • A link to PayPal for you to pay. Note that a PayPal account is not required. Please add a note in the comment field which ride you are paying for.
    • A link to complete a waiver electronically. Note that after completing the waiver you will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address. You must do this to complete the waiver process!
    • Note that your registration is not complete until I have received your waiver and payment. If I don’t have them both on the morning of the ride you will not get credit for the ride!

After completing your registration, download the ridewithgps route and optionally print a cue sheet from ridewithgps. You’ll receive an email the day before the ride with any last minute instructions or notes and a PDF of a brevet card. Note that a brevet card is optional, see below for more details.

During the ride

Make sure you maintain appropriate social distancing while riding. Bear in mind that other people may be more or less comfortable riding in proximity than you and respect their wishes. If someone is riding closer to you than you would like, ask them to give you more space and if someone asks you to move away, don’t take offense! We don’t know everyone else’s comfort levels or situations they might be dealing with such as their own health issues or immune compromised family members.

As is always the case with randonneuring, rides are unsupported. Whether or not you choose to go self contained or avail yourself of store/restaurant stops along the way is up to you. If you do use stores it’s recommended that you remove your gloves, wear a mask and pay for your purchases by credit card in order to minimize contact. Also, you should have and use hand sanitizer after leaving the store and before donning your gloves and helmet.

Proof of passage

There are two options available for proof of passage:

    1. Electronic (EPP) using a GPS
      • Start your GPS at the start of the ride and stop it when you complete the ride. Note that for multi-day rides (600K & 1000K) you will have a separate track for each day.
        • It is also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you take a timestamped photo of yourself at the start, intermediate controls and finish. These can be used in the event you have problems with your GPS.
      • Upload your ride to either Strava or ridewithgps. Free accounts are available if you don’t already have one.
        • If you’ve taken photos as recommended you can upload those photos to your Strava/ridewithgps file.
      • Within 24 hours of the ride end, you’ll receive an email from me asking you to submit a link to your Strava/ridewithgps track.
      • Click on the link in the email and fill out the requested information.
    2. Brevet card
      • If you have elected to download and print a brevet card you must get a clerk to initial it at all manned checkpoints.
      • If there are unmanned intermediate checkpoints on your route your cue sheet will instruct you to take a photo of a landmark at that checkpoint.
      • When you finish the ride, sign your brevet card, scan it and send it to me (qcrandos@gmail.com) along with any required photos.

As always, if you are unable or choose not to complete the ride please call or send a message (email or text) that you’re DNF.