About us

Welcome to the Quad Cities Randonneurs. The region has been active since Joe Jamison started it in 2009. Joe ran it until 2014 at which time Mike Fox took it over. Mike held the reins until 2020 when Greg Smith became RBA.

Greg also serves as RBA for the Driftless Randonneurs based out of Richland Center, WI where he puts on events ranging from a Super Randonneur Series (200K, 300K, 400K, 600K) and the “Tour of the Driftless” 1000K which has been held three times as of 2020. Greg was also part of the planning and execution of the Coulee Challenge 1200K in 2018 with the Minnesota Randonneurs.

We’ll be using some of the “old favorite” routes, developing some new ones and maybe doing some “away games” in West Union using some of the routes that were developed for the pre-PBP “Hell Week”.

We hope you’ll join us and look forward to seeing you on the road!