News flash!

I’m delighted to announce that Doug McLerran will be taking over from me as RBA of the Quad Cities region effective 1 January 2023. Doug has a long cycling history in the Midwest and with RUSA and has plans for new routes and rides in the region. To that end, he is soliciting input for the 2023 season and beyond so if you have ideas for new routes and especially if you’re willing to help out in developing new routes and running rides I’m sure he’d love to hear from you at

Doug has a lot to do to get ready for 2023 and will be working with me on the remaining rides on the calendar for this year to come up to speed on the “behind the scenes” work of putting on brevets so you’ll see us both for the remainder of the year. As for me, I’ve enjoyed the time as RBA and hope that those of you who have ridden them liked the new routes and rides I put together in the region. Doug plans to continue to offer these in addition to the new rides he’ll be putting together.

Please join me in congratulating Doug on his new role and I know he can count on your full support.