Welcome to the 2022 Quad Cities brevet season!

There’s a lot happening in the randonneuring world as we come to terms with life in the Covid era. The number of events worldwide is increasing and plans are underway for PBP 2023. We’ve got a lot in store for the new season and have put together a schedule that has something for everybody so regardless of whether your seasonal goals are to  qualify for early PBP registration, complete a grand randonnée or to just enjoy some shorter brevets for RUSA credit – we’ve got you covered!

Here’s some of what’s in store for the year:

      • 2022 is a “pre-qualifying” year for PBP. Your longest brevet in 2022 gets you priority for registration and a higher probability of getting your desired starting time. We’re supporting that by putting multiple longer rides on the schedule.
      • We’ll once again be doing our “West Union” brevets where we’ll offer all brevet distances from 200K-600K. This will give you a chance to get in that longer ride or do a “make-up” for a distance you’ve missed. We’ll be doing different 400K & 600K routes than 2021 to keep things fresh.
      • We’ve got some new routes under development and will be rolling them out over the next few months. Although the rides on the RUSA calendar have routes assigned these should be considered placeholders for now.
      • RUSA/ACP is once again doing a “Centenary brevet” – this time it’s a 300K on June 11th commemorating the first 300K held 100 years ago. We’ll be putting on an event on that date and will hopefully debut a new route for the occasion.
      • We’re unveiling our “Strade Bianche Rouleur Challenge”.  I’ve heard from some of you that you’d like to take advantage of the many gravel roads in the region so this should be a fun way for all of us to “get our gravel on”. Have a look here for preliminary information.

We’ve got a big year in store, look forward to seeing you on the rides!